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Big Dreamer Jam Featuring tzadeka


The Needle Vinyl Tavern
10524 Jasper Ave T5J 1Z7 Edmonton Canada
Now at the Needle Vinyl Tavern, the Big Dreamer Jam is an Edmonton music institution. Every Tuesday, a guest artist is backed by the house band, consisting of Harry Gregg (bass) and Geoff Hamdon O’Brien (drums) and Smokey Fennell (pedal steel); after that, the stage opens up to anyone with music to share. Unique among Edmonton jams and open stages, The Big Dreamer jam is open to all styles, with a strong focus on original music, and at a high calibre. Collaboration is the name of the game, and magic a regular occurrence.

The Jam is sponsored by Riverdale Recorders, and every two months we draw from the names of those who have played for their chance to win a free day in the studio.

This week we are pleased to have tzadeka as our featured artist!

After the break-up of super group Eshod Ibn Wyza in 2007 Vocalist Maigan Vander Giessen and DJ/Producer Mark Czuba decided to create their own project called Tzadeka.

Tzadeka is a hebrew word, (Actually spelt Tzadekah) that mean righteosness. Maigan's roots start out as a young 13 year old busker. From the streets she learned to cultivate her musical sensibilities into something that inspires a passion for her music that continues to today.

Having worked with the Eshod Crew on 4 studio albums and dozens of other musical collaborations, Maigan has become a force on her own with her three Tzadeka albums to date.

Producer/DJ Mark Czuba has produced over 80 albums and has made every type of music imaginable, the pairing of this prolific duo has created something unique.

Tzadeka can best be described as exotic hip-hop, creating a diverse sound.